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Samantha's full testimonial

As we have a 1000 word limit on our testimonial chat-box, and she had lots more to say, I will leave you the full review she sent us here...

"I write this testimonial with an open heart and endless gratitude. Since meeting Theo and Gary my life has been different. Though this may sound hyperbolic, it couldn’t be more true. This past June I traveled to Peru primarily to sit with Mother Ayahuasca, but as Theo has told me, “People come to Peru for the Ayahuasca, they stay for Huachuma.”

Now I won’t dance around it, the day I say with Huachuma, following (1) Kambo ceremony and (7) Ayahuasca ceremonies, was the hardest day of my life. Prior to Peru, I had sat with Huachuma as my primary medicine for the past year, however, no experience compares to sitting with Huachuma in the Andes. Perhaps it was being in the Sacred Valley, home to this sacred cactus, or perhaps it was being guided by two experienced (and truly special) Huachuma facilitators, or perhaps both, that I had the hardest and most profound experience of my life.

After drinking (3) full cups of the medicine, guided by Grandfather to do so, I lost sight of myself, time, space, and all rational thought. I spent (16) hours violently dry heaving, desperate to purge the pain I was working through. In Theo and Gary’s care, I felt so safe, cared for, and supported - despite the other 24 guests they were equally holding space for. Their capacity to help is unrivaled. Theo encouraged me to find my strength, to recognize my power and assure me that my life would in fact be ‘better after this’. In the months since this powerful experience, my life has opened up in ways I questioned if possible. Gary worked hard to attune my energy and recalibrate my being through singing tones and working on the energetic body. I didn’t know it at the time, but people have told me that while Gary worked behind me on my energetic body, my body was swaying in unison with his movements.

My experience went till nearly 3am, finally grounded by Gary administering me rapé. Despite the ceremony beginning at 11am and Peru having a strict 10pm curfew, Gary and Theo stayed with me in the temple until I finally felt like I was back on this earth and could sleep. Their commitment to service, medicine, love, and healing is something I will not long forget, and will seek to remember in every moment of my life. I look forward to returning to Peru to sit with The Delics & Friends as soon as I can and hear the call. If you are looking for an authentic, safe, and deeply healing experience, I highly recommend you take this opportunity to do so."

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