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San Pedro


With everything included from our beautiful lodge and it's comfortable rooms to health conscious meals that can be tailored to your specific needs,  our Wachuma retreat offers you the perfect space and time for your transformation to happen in a safe and loving environment. We have carefully tailored the schedule of our retreat to be in alignment with your healing and empowerment. All you need to do is come to Cusco, and we'll take care of you.

Sacred Valley Peru wachuma retreat center
Wachuma art therapy
Hikes to very mystical sites

Wachuma Ceremonies

Wachuma is an ancient Peruvian plant medicine derived from the sacred and highly revered San Pedro cactus and is also referred to as simply San Pedro. Wachuma facilitates deep psychological healing, productive emotional release, energetic realignment, and inner creativity. Utilizing our abundance of experience working with this plant, we will provide you the guidance needed to fully integrate the knowledge into your life with lightness and joy.

Psilocybin Ceremonies

A Psilocybin Ceremony is a guided and intentional experience involving the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms (a naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound) in a ceremonial setting. Our ceremonies are conducted throughout the night in a dark ceremonial space, reminiscent of an ayahuasca ceremony.


The effects can include deep introspection, heightened sensory perception, life-altering insights, emotional release, and spiritual breakthroughs.


The ceremony is designed to create a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore their inner realms and navigate their psychedelic journey. Ceremonial elements such as music, prayer, chanting are used to guide and enhance the experience and foster spiritual connection.

Bufo Alvarius

A Bufo Alvarius ceremony is a ritual that involves the use of the venom from the Sonoran Desert toad, commonly known as Bufo Alvarius. The dried venom of the toad is ingested through vaporizing and smoking it. It contains a potent psychedelic compound called 5-MeO-DMT (5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine), which induces intense and transformative psychedelic experiences.


The effects of the Bufo Alvarius ceremony can vary from person to person but often include profound ego dissolution, expansion of consciousness, and mystical insights. Many report experiencing a sense of unity with the universe, dissolution of boundaries between self and others, and the perception of timeless or non-dual states of being.

Hikes to sacred ruins

We will offer you guided expeditions to some mighty ancient ruins, off the beaten track, in which you will feel the healing powers of nature and the ancestral wisdom of the Andean cultures. Our experienced tour guide Rafael will show you these places and help you understand their mystical power so that you can tune into that energy anywhere and anytime, inside of yourself.

Some of these ruins include Chinchero, Urco, and Ankasmarca...

R'ape, Coca...

Along with other tools, we will offer optional natural medicines like R'ape and Coca that have a vast array of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing capabilities.

Yoga and Qi Gon

The body is the temple. For this reason, we will learn some simple Yoga and Qi Gon routines you can take home to keep deepening the connection with yourself.

Vegetarian Organic Food

We will offer you a clean and wholesome organic diet, grown locally and prepared with love and care. Food is perhaps the most essential medicine and is one of the most crucial pillars in healthy living and prosperity.

Art and sound Healing

Creativity is a proven tool for self-help and happiness. With our years of experience, we have developed methods to help people open to their creative possibilities through drawing, writing, painting, singing, drumming, dancing... All art materials and instruments will be provided.

Follow up online integration sessions

We are dedicated to your healing and integration process, so every retreat booked comes with follow-up integration sessions to help you return to your life and keep in touch with us as you incorporate the positive changes learned during your retreat.

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