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Mona's testimonial working with Gary one on one

I had three wonderful 1: 1 Wachuma ceremonies with Gary. In the preparatory conversation, he already gave advice on proper preparation with the right foods. From the time we met on the day of the ceremony, he looked after me, gave me things to prepare my stomach for the medicine.

His Wachuma is extremely pure and concentrated. The love and passion that he puts into his medicine can already be felt with the first taste and feeling on the tongue.

For the first ceremony I had no intention of any kind, nothing specific that I wanted to work on. Gary decided to edit my throat chakra. For me, the journey with medicine was easy: I just opened up to medicine, Gary's singing and music, followed medicine into the space it opened within me. It was so beautiful there that I stayed inside for almost the entire ceremony, because even if the outside world was beautiful, inside it was even more beautiful. Gary's only instructions repeatedly were simply: "Breathe." During the ceremony my body vibrated and twitched almost constantly, and a lot of mucus loosened from my throat, which I spat out.

What happened after that shows the true potential of medicine and of someone who not only shares medicine but purifies the energy: For the first time in my life I started to sing because tones rose from my soul and wanted to be released. I started speaking my truth more and setting limits. As I began to integrate the teaching from the ceremony into my life and thus set new causes, I achieved new effects and the cleansing effect of the ceremony increased over the course of the weeks through my actions. This ceremony has changed my life and laid the basis for a song that arises from time to time, that I sing for myself, that I protect myself and my soul by speaking my truth and standing up for my needs. By respecting, protecting and being able to take responsibility for myself more, I love myself even more. The effects of this ceremony are great, very great in my life.

In the second ceremony, Gary focused on my stomach. Since I was a teenager, I suffered from extreme burps, even from water. The stomach and nervous system are connected. Trauma can cause stomach problems. In this ceremony too, I simply opened up to medicine, Gary's singing, and music. I don't know how, but over the course of weeks my burping got less and less. After 15 years I am belch free. How or what - no idea. Whatever it is, Gary has removed a lot of old energy and memories with his medicine and skill.

The third ceremony was also wonderful. I didn't have a specific topic here, but rather we flowed more with medicine. Again, I stayed more in my own inner world and focused on opening myself to medicine while Gary sang and made music, because ist extremely beautiful.

Then the descent along the Caminos del Inca is wonderful - still half-floating you follow one of the most beautiful paths of the Valle Sagrado, so that you can finish your ceremony wonderfully afterwards.

Gary - 1000 thanks is not enough to thank you for the healing you have brought into my life. I am so much more in harmony with my soul. Beautiful. I am full of gratitude for you - as a person and for your work. Thank you for the inspiration, the many shared moments, the love for medicine and your passion with which you go your way.

When you are unsure, who to do a ceremony with – I can highly recommend Gary!

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